Alphaville - Beethoven

Текст песни Alphaville - Beethoven

There's a tremor in the city
But it looks so quiet
There is something awful brewing
But there ain't no fights
Beethoven, Beethoven
You can read between the lines
That there must be more
You're alarmed, but you don't know
What you're waiting for
The boots are back in town
When ignorance and fear
Are closing mouths and ears
The skins are on their way
When it gets dark in Europe
It's just a state of mind
The blind leading the blind
The boots are back
There's a scrawling on a tombstone
Judenschweine raus!
Once again, the racial fury
Is burning down the house
Beethoven, listen to me, Beethoven
There's a bleeding yellow man
Lying in the street
But there isn't anybody

Doing anything
The boots are back in town...
SF Prayer
And one grey day shall rise the flood
No dikes will stem the heavy tides
When cold pierced heavy bodies scream
They fall as if the monstrous scythe
Of clouds has smashed them from the skies
The scattered squadron of mankind
Stabs right into the churned up ether
Of long forgotten birdless flights
The boots are back in town...
The boots are back in town
The demons of the past
Will be replaced at last
There are smarter ones to stay
How can you stay away
From the order of disgrace
How can you close your eyes?
The boots are back
The boots are back

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