Anastacia - Funk Medley

Текст песни Anastacia - Funk Medley

Hello Amsterdam
Well I thank you for coming out here
but you know
I just came here so I could see Bon Jovi
I don't know
I just wanted to see a free concert
So I just decided to just say: ok, I'll come
What's up??
Ok, you know, I think's about time that you guys stop standing,and start shaking u're bon bon
Wanna shake ur bon bon?
Get funky up in here, get funky up in here
Get funky up in here
Allright now, that's our Felix
You got some funky stuff Felix?
Show it to 'em

Sexy Mother F*cker
Yo Amsterdam what's up?
Y'all ready to party up in the ..?
Come one put ur hands together
1,2,3 whooooo
Yeah, uh, yeah
Somebody say yeah yeah
(yeah yeah)
Say yeah yeah
(yeah yeah)
come on, uh
You sexy mother (*)
Uh, yeah, put your hands together, come on, uh
Somebody say Anastacia
Say Anastacia
Uh, yeah, ah
You sexy mother (*)

Play That Funky Music
Hey hey auw
There was a groovy singer
playing in a rock 'n roll band
And never had no problems
Rolling down the one night stand
And everything around me
Got to start to feeling so low
And you know what, I decided quickly
To disco down and check out the show

Yes they were dancin' and singin'
and movin' to the what?
And just when it hit me
Somebody turned around and shouted

Play that funky music white girl
Play that funky music right
Come on everybody
Play that funky music white girl
Lay down that .. when you play that funky music ..

Are we funky enough? NO
Are we funky enough? NO
I think I gotta give you more funk

I just wanna thank you
Falettin' me be mice elf again
Everybody, scream

Hands up in the air two times, here we go
You gotta punch it three times, on the beat
Four times in the air, both hands
Pop your head, pop your head

I know how it feels to expect to get a fair shake
But they won't let you forget you're the underdog
and you got to twice as good, yeah
Even if you're never right
They get up-tight when you got too much
They might start thinkin' too much too, yeah
I know how it feels when you know for real
That every other time, yeah
You get a wrong deal, yeah

Thank you
(Falettin' me be mice elf again)
I'm the underdog yo
Do you know what I mean yeah
(Thank you falettin' me be mice elf again)
I'm the underdog yo

Well I know how it feels to be played in a part
Be at a party but you're really all alone
They underestimate me
Maybe you, hang out with people you don't even know
Simple because, there's a whole lot more of them
You better think again
You better think again
I, know how it feels when you're, feeling down and you
Wanna come up but you're really in the wrong, party town, yeah

(Thank you falettin' me be mice elf again)
I'm the underdog yo
Do you know what I mean yeah
(Thank you falettin' me be mice elf again)
I'm the underdog

I wanna hear from my keyboard player Rodney, come on

(Thank you falettin' me be mice elf again)
I'm the underdog yo
I said do you know what I mean yeah
(Thank you falettin' me be mice elf again)
yeah yeah, ah come on, whoo
You know
I'm the underdog
(Thank you)

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