Ashanti - Still on It

Текст песни Ashanti - Still on It

feat. Paul Wall and Method Man

paul wall:
there can be only one, ashanti, murder inc
its the houston hard hit out the set 13 its the peoples champ paul wall, yeh thats me
come take a ride with a playa outta the lone star state im jus a hustler on the grind on four gettin the cake
i came up from the bottom now i is rite at the top, i used to run away from cops now..? i used 2 ..? on the block like y'all needin the paint but now im in the parkin lot drivin slow n sniffin drink.
with a shorty on my side as i glide like glide n now im listenin 24 coz theres a chrome on my ride
its jus suttin bout the way i tip those n grip brain i got these bouncers on the sidelines goin insane
got em goin, my mack n game is outta control but i dont know if its my looks or my big red roll im 24 years old.....? n now the stories been told, its paul wall baby


see i dont no why(why) im feelin just the way i do(do)
its been a long time(time)
i thought that i was over you
now your coming around again
ill be remembering what you said
i just cant take it
and i don't wanna go back, o no

what is a girl to do, if shes still on it yeah
if she'd have been here before wit you
n now she don't want it yeah
i've spent time and time again
i just wish this thing would end
tell me, what is a girl to do if shes still on it

whenever we talk (tallk)
it feels like we have something strong(strong)
and knowing its wrong
we tryed to do this thing before
but when you coming up close to me
bringing back all of them memories
i just cant fake it but i don't wanna go back o no


jus a little something for your eardrums..

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