Avril Lavigne - The Punk Show

Текст песни Avril Lavigne - The Punk Show

(This song is a redo of Blink 182's The Rock Show.)

Hanging out behind the club on the weekends
Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends
I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour
I remember that it's the first time that I saw him there

He's getting kicked out of school cause he's failing
I'm kinda nervous, cause I think all his friends hate me
He's the one, he'll always be there
He took my hand and I made it I swear


Because I fell in love with the guy at the punk show
He said "what?" and I told him that I didn't know
He's so cool, better sneak me through his window
Everything's better when he's around
I Can't wait until his parents go out of town
I fell in love with the guy at the punk show

When we said we were gonna move to L.A.
I remember the look his mother gave us
17 without a purpose or direction
We don't owe anyone a fuckin explanation

(Repeat Chorus)

Black and white picture of him on my wall
I waited for his call, he always kept me waiting
And if I ever got another chance I'd still ask him to sing
Because she kept me waiting

(Repeat Chorus)

with the guy at the punk show
with the guy at the punk show
(I'll never forget tonight)
with the guy at the punk show......

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