B-legit - Playa Partner

Текст песни B-legit - Playa Partner

Daz spoken:
You know what I'm saying
Just ballin on their ass
They don't understand this shit
You know what I'm saying
You know what I'm saying
From Vallejo to the Beach gotta keep stacking them chips

Who could do it like I do it in and out about our paper
Cash longer than skyscrapers
Big bank take little bank
I bet a million to the fader
Creative illustrator
True indeed dominator
Ain't none greater
Chill a bong with the boss players
From Vallejo me and my homey be chillin' stacking G's upon the table
Rattle they brain with hurricane
Have 'em seeing thangs feeling strange
2 boss players straight running thangs

I learn to knock 'em down and with the piano we mashin'
We tryin' to do it right but now tonight they flashin'
My nigga D-Shot he be known for blastin'
And E is much worse 'cuz he first to burst
If shit get started it's gon' get retarded
Can't dance with these niggaz 'cuz they hogg hearted
It's just a little somethin' thought I let ya'll know
'Bout my players, my partners, my folks

My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna
My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna

Bouncin' in a Benz 600 on rims
Rollin' up ounces with my friends
Countin my ends
10s and 20s with thousands with millions just to spend
Have enough to do whatever
Dat Nigga Deatrow and ever
We run out of chronic, shrooms and drank nigga never
Catch me ballin' in the California sunny weather
Get my cash and I be a go getter
B-Legit and Dat Nigga Daz trend setters

I'm in and out these screws

Make moves like the mailman
If I can't get 'em wet I bet this long ass dick can (biatch)
I know I'm felt but tonight I'm off guerilla milk
Drink and blunts watch ho's pull super stunts
For months I be living like a rap steezy
See with my dudes perkin' off the heezy
B-Legezee with Data Nigga Daz Dezee
My playa pezee
The Bay to the L-B-Cezee

My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna
My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna

(B-Legit check it out)
I'm only in it just to get mine
For every quarter fifty cent piece and every dime
Grew up in a city where it was all about crime
Swerve the block clownin' bitches in my drop top
Playa muthafuckas always want to cock block
It ain't a thang all they want to do is watch a jock
Blaze a cigarette and feel the breeze of the bay
Everyday and all day this way
Break way playa hatas here I come
Strapped with game, niggaz and guns
In case you wanna trip I ain't the one
Leave yo' baby mama srpung off dick
Let her know what's happening with this niggaz trick bitch
Switch the game from high to low
Dip inside the pussy slow to let you know
This how the program flow
B-Legit and Dat Nigga Daz trick ho

My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna
My playa patna
My patna playa
My playa patna

Daz spoken:
I'm talk all that shit
You know what I'm sayin
We only stickin dick
Ridin in cadillacs, impalas, lexus's, benz's all kind of shit bitch
What the fuck you got
And all we ever gonna do is play on
Like a balla these boss playas

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