B*Witched - B*witched's Message To Santa

Текст песни B*Witched - B*witched's Message To Santa

*Three telephone rings*

Santa: Ho, Ho, Ho, I'm not in right now so please leave a jolly Christmas
message after the music.
(play jingle bells in phone sound)

B*Witched: Hi Santa, it's B*Witched. Merry Christmas. Yeah!

Edele: We know you're making your list and checking it twice but we just thought
we'd call and tell you that our fans have been really nice.

Lindsay: Yeah, and we hope that they have a great Christmas this year because
we're going to.

Keavy: Hey and I got a teddy bear last year and his ears were on backwards...

B*Witched: *Laugh*

Keavy: Be careful!

Sinead: And there was holes in my socks.

Edele: Christmas is meant to be holy.

B*Witched: *Laugh*

Lindsay: Can you make it snow.

Keavy: And tell Rudolph we said hi.

Edele: We just want to tell everyone to wear their warm winter woolies and enjoy Christmas cos it's freezing cold outside.

B*Witched: *Laugh* and a zip sound.

B*Witched: Happy Christmas, bye, happy New Year.

B*Witched: *put the phone down*

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