B2K - Do That Thing

Текст песни B2K - Do That Thing

Now what they go say
Now what you go do, do that thing its on you

Walked in the spot and I already picked one
My dinner for the night is to get one
or two, or three, five, six, seven if you leave it up to me
I'm down to get down wit cha
Wiggley, Jiggley, turn it all around would ya uhh ohh
and let me give the money
don't freeze be easy it's cool mommy

There you go do that thing for me
Let it go from yo head to ya shouldas
get a drink and come over
After that we go head to the rover

Back it up, clap it up, switch it up, change it up
Do that thing for me, Do that thing for me
Flip it up, give it up, I'mma grip it up, while you rip it up
do that thing for me
Do that thing for me

Give me a minute want a swig of this pimp juice
I'mma be in it, when I'm in it there will be no use
for games, no games I don't need a lot
I got this on lock dog
You so down
The way you do it babe
Put ya back into babe, uhh ohhhh can I get it on
I got a lot in mine and that's about time

[Repeat Chorus]

Say Yo Yo, Say Yo Yo, Uh Uh, Say uh uh
say ohh (say) ohh (say) ohh (say) ooh

say do that then, do that then put it on me
mommy if you ain't scared, say ohh... ohh

[Lil' Kim]
I make it bounce like my booty was a 64
I'm feelin nice off that Mally and Hypno
All eyez on me, Q.U.DOUBLE E.
People scream Lil Kim real loud around me
Doin that thing and it's a whole crowd around me
Once I get the second one I'm goin' back in
DJ bring that joint back again
So I can take it to the floor
once more before I hit that door
like Big Daddy Kane, nigga I get +Raw+
Picture me standing nude by the pool
Fool wake up you startin' to drool
See I'm down, and I get it in with ya
Like the 24's I wanna spin with ya
Uhh ohh, you can get it daddy
Switch it up, back it up, just for you daddy

Back it up, clap it up, switch it up, change it up
Do that thing for me, Do that thing for me
Flip it up, give it up, I'mma grip it up, while you rip it up
Do that thing for me , do that thing for me

oooh, Omarion and Lil Fizz, J-Boog and Raz-B
T.U.G. and Queen Bee, representin' B.K. and L.A.
To the fullest, Chris Stokes
we outta here baby, yeah, this is history boy...
ya girl Lil Kim you can call me Miss Brooklyn
and it's on, and it's on

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