B2K - Girlfriend

Текст песни B2K - Girlfriend

I got everything I want in my life except a girlfriend
Ah, B2K

Just copped a Bentley and its parked in my garage
At 2:00 appointment for my massage
And everywhere we go they know just who we are
There they go, its them ghetto superstars

The latest throwback and them ones on my feet
Get out the Benz and then Im off up in the jeep
Take your friend with chicks that look like Alicia
All of that Im still missin one thing (Whoa)

A girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend (Everything I wanted)
I need a girlfriend (Yeah), girlfriend (And everything
that I)
Girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (Would you be my)
Would you be my girlfriend (Hey), girlfriend

We hit the mall, I buy you Prada, Nike suits
IB apparel while Im chillin by the pool
From the show to the limo, to the club
Hand in the air, showin nothin but some love

Got plenty clothes, plenty ice, plenty cash
Im pretty swoll, pretty abs, plenty (Shh...)
I got every single thing that I need
Except for a main squeeze (Whoa)

I need a girlfriend (Oh, oh), girlfriend (Girlfriend)
I need a girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (I need, I need)
{I need, I need}
Girlfriend (A girlfriend), girlfriend (Would you be
Would you be my girlfriend (Girlfriend), girlfriend
(Yeah, yeah)

Tell me whos gonna be my girlfriend
And who out there needs a real man
And whos gonna ride or die with me
Whos gonna give B2K what they need

I need a number one
I need a thick with big hips, thats just my
No more game preparation, this is pimparation
She must be ready and steady for a romance session
Im talkin willin to learn a Lil Fizz lesson
Now she plannin it again and now where arguin
Talkin girls, talk mess and tellin all there friends
But I seen this new chick tonight
And Imma make her my girlfriend, my girlfriend

I need a girlfriend, girlfriend (Someone for me)
I need a girlfriend (Yeah...), girlfriend (That is all
I need, yeah)
Girlfriend, girlfriend (In my life)
Would you be my girlfriend (Oh), girlfriend (I need a)

A girlfriend (Woo), girlfriend (Someone to call my
I need a girlfriend (Spend some money on), girlfriend
(And Im gonna take her out)
A girlfriend (To show her what Im all about),
girlfriend (Ey, hey, oh, ho...)
Would you be my girlfriend, girlfriend (No, no, no,

A girlfriend
Hey, hey

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