B4-4 - 4 - Bad Girl

Текст песни B4-4 - 4 - Bad Girl

Bad girl you make me cry
Bad girl you teach me how to lie
That girl's on an ego trip
Kissin' me, kissin' him
She gave everyone her lips
Verse One
I thought I had another nightmare
My ex girl ya she makes me scared
Anymore I don't want it
Anytime I can't forget it
Another guy was sleepin' in my bed god damn it
I called your home you picked up the phone
And I could hear that you're not alone
How could you do this to me?
After all of your steez
Bad girl do me a favor get out of my face I can't breathe
Pre Chorus
Why do you play around with me?
Take away my money
Mess around with my mind
You make me sick
Stop pushin' my Ferrari
Do you think I'm crazy?
Sorry baby girl but you're cheap to me

Verse Two
My situation that's your ignorance
Could not believe my eyes I saw you dance
With what's his name I can't remember
I saw him last December
How could you let a stranger know your skin is so tender?
A little part of me is dead now
But I will be alright anyhow
I'm sure I'm not gonna
Touch you ask your mama
She tells me that bad girls around only brings me drama
Pre chorus
How could you do this to me?
How could you make me believe?
After all that we've been
You're a you're a bad bad girl
Don't wanna hear a story
Don't come and tell me sorry
You could have been there for me
You're a you're a bad bad girl

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