B4-4 - 4 - Process Of Elimination

Текст песни B4-4 - 4 - Process Of Elimination

1...take your name off the speed dial
2...change my chothes and my style style
3...hit the clubs and get wild wild
4...tell the honeys i'm solo
5...spinnin' outa contro lo
6...whatever it takes to forget you, I will do
Breaking hearts across the nation
Process of elimination
Need some time just for me
And that girl that lives next door
I dont care what you say
You cheated on me
Now it's time, hear me out
Listen up to every little thing I say to you tonight,
Cause it's the last you'll be hearin' from me
Pre Chorus:
Your love is not the be
And end all of me
So dont't be thinkin' I owe you anything
And I wont be the oone whos there to show you the way
I don't believe you when you say you're sorry
I know the truth, don't try to change the story
You made your bed so lie in it tonight, cause I'll be lying in the bed of someone new
Baby i can't believe what I saw
That night you told me your car broke down,
You cancelled on me

I went out to the store just to kill the time away
There you were on the lips of another body
Pre Chorus:
I never felt the rain so hard upon me
I never knew the pain could hurt so deeply
I cant believe I never realized it 'till that day the strangest thing is growing deep inside me
The sight of you getting it on so sweetly
A nightmarge a fantasy in one dream
I'm lookin at my girl with another girl
Now you're beggin me back to you
But I wont do what I used to do
I gotta get over me and you Upside down, inside out
Get it through my head we're through
You should have told that you cheated behind my back
You should have thought before you making your move so fast
It's like that, you beggin' me back
But i'm not gonna snap cause I'm mac'n and snackin' without you
Can't believe that you cheated with your best friend
You should have told me but you chose not to let me in
You can't win
Whatever it takes
But i'm not gonna snap cause I'm mac'n and snackin' without you

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