Baby Beesh - Yesterday

Текст песни Baby Beesh - Yesterday

feat. Russell Lee
(Chorus: Russell Lee)
It seems like yesterday, my mama told me
Boy don't you go and throw your life away

[Baby Beesh]
Now it seems like yesterday I was on the block running
Yelling at the top of my lungs, that the ice cream man was coming
And if and never, I only had a buck fifty
I made sure, all the little homies act with me
Shooting Stars, Fudge Bars and them Drumsticks
Having fun with, playas that I run with
Generation as weed and cess
Fast money, fast cars from the valley or the projects
And what's next for a miss got to greet you
But having heart, ain't something they can teach you
Playing ball, hoping one day to see the pros
And little roes saying peace to rest of shows

(Chorus: Russell Lee)
It seems like yesterday, my mama told me

Boy don't you go and throw your life away
It seems like yesterday, me and the homies
We rode our bikes down to the school to play

[Baby Beesh]
Now I done seen a lot of gang fights never end trueted
It wasn't my thang, even though I was heavily recruited
I got blue ones caught up, and it's tragic
Doing ten years trying to stack some of that magic
And man I sure do miss him
And man I got warrants, so I can't even go visit him in prison
And I don't ride enough now I'm tripping
Shed a tear, now it's dripping I ain't bullshitting
One love, one life is your path right
Trying to maintain even on a bad day
Do your thang, stay away from the drama
I hear my mama, looking out for my karma


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