Babyface - I Miss You So Much

Текст песни Babyface - I Miss You So Much

Written by babyface, daryl simmons (1999)

Performed by tlc

I never asked for this feeling

I never thought I would fall

I never knew how I felt

Til the day you were gone

I was lost

I never asked for red roses

I wasnt looking for love

Somehow I let my emotions take hold

And guess what all at once

Im in love

Oh I miss you so much

I long for your love

Its scares me

Cuz my heart gets so weak

That I cant even breathe

How can you take things so easily

Baby why arent you missing me

Why did I act like you mattered

It was silly of me to believe

That if I just opened my heart

Things would come naturally

Jokes on me (yeah)

I did not ask for love letters

So why did you give them to me

How could I let your intentions

Get hold over me

So in love

So naive, oh baby


And oh how I hate what you have done

Made me fall so deep in love

Got no cure

Youre the only one I want

That I love oh baby


Baby why arent you missing me

Baby why arent you missing me

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