Babyface - Last Song

Текст песни Babyface - Last Song

Last Song
Written by Babyface(1997 from the album reUNION)
Performed by Deliverance
Verse 1
When I think of special thoughts
I remember special feelings we shared
And when I think of special moments
Those were special times you told me you cared
B-section 1
When autumn comes the leaves will flow away
But I know right now Your love will always stay, oh
I know You will love me forever, hey
DonÂ't You know Your love canÂ't get any better, no, oh
Last song forever
I couldnÂ't love You no better
Than I do right now
And now means forever
Verse 2
And when I think of how I truly feel
One day weÂ'll be together always
Though time has changed so many, many things

Through it all, through it all our love has remained the same
B-section 2
Winter snow will bring us back the cold for sure
Through it all our love, our love will endure
I know You will love me forever
I said donÂ't You know our love canÂ't get
No better, no better, no better, no, no
Now Lord if this were my last song
And these lips could no longer tell you how I feel
My prayer is that this song will forever
Be remembered in the depths of your infinite mind
This song, our last song, forever
B-section 2
Winter snow will bring back the cold for sure
Through it all our love will always endure
I know You will love me forever, yeah
DonÂ't You know our love canÂ't get no better

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