Babyface - Seven Whole Days

Текст песни Babyface - Seven Whole Days

Written by babyface, l.a. reid (1993)

Performed by toni braxton

Seven whole days

And not a word from you

Seven whole nights

Im just about through

I cant take it, wont take it

Cant take it no more

I had about enough of you

Id rather be on my own

Yes on my own



You know if you cared anything about love

You would have been front and center

Lovin me and touchin me



You know if you knew anything about me

You would have been much more tender

Ooh squeezin me, caressin me

You could have had about anything you wanted

But you messed it up

You had to be tough

You told your friends

You had me wrapped around your finger

You were talking kinda cocky

Like you had it goin on

All the while you knew

That things were kind of shaky

You knew that you were wrong

Dead wrong to be

Mistreating me

How can we go on




You know if you knew anything about sweet

You would have been talkin to me everyday

Seven days a week



You should have been givin me

A little more time

But you were just much too busy

Abusin me and usin me

I would have done about anything you wanted

I was there for you

I was crazy about you

When I was sittin thinkin

I was kind of special

You were runnin round

Hittin every other girl in town

How could you love me

When you knew you played me funny

You knew that you were wrong

Dead wrong to be

Mistreating me

How can we go on


Deep in my heart

You were number one to start

But then you changed

You threw my heart away

Told your friends that

You were runnin thangs

Whyd it have to be that way

Youre wrong

Dead wrong

Tell me how

How can we go wrong


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