Babyface - She's International

Текст песни Babyface - She's International

(And she makes me lose my mind)

[Verse 1:]
It's the accent when she speaks
It's the way she holds her drink
It's that sexy little dance and the way she shakes that ass
It's the way she swings her hair
You can't help but stop and stare
and she'll make you lose your mind when you look into her eyes

She's international (She can go with me)
She's superstar material (She can roll with me)
She's way past being beautiful (She can go with me)
You know, she makes me lose my mimd almost every single time

[Verse 2:]
It's that sexy sweet perfume and the way she works the room
It's that naughty little smile, lets you know the girl gets wild
It's that air of confidence

What's she wants, you know she can and
she'll make you lose your mind when you look into her eyes

It's a world of fantasy
She's a girl of mystery
When walks into the club,
All of the playas stop like, "What?"
Watching every single move
They wonder who you're talking to

She can go, go with me
She can roll, roll with me
She can go, go with me
Make me lose my mind
Almost every single time
She's international

[Chorus fade]

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