Babyface - The Day

Текст песни Babyface - The Day

Talkin bout makin love
I will love you any way baby any way
and every way I can
cause I'm that kind of man
I will give you everything baby,
give you more than any girl can stand

Check it
word is bond
born God
check it out
word up son
what's the deal baby
I will love you any way baby any way
and every way I can
cause I'm that kind of man, yeah
I will give you everything baby,
give you more than any girl can stand
I'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby, baby
I'm talkin about making love in the shower
at least an hour
and let you dangle in my arms
cause love is power
can you feel it sky's the limit
once you reveal it
yout heart was wounded
God sent me to heal it
on a mission aint no stress love
touch you with precision
come on trust me gerl
trow this rock up on your hand
I'll give you the world
hey yo face
on the real
was the honey looking laced

ooh baby baby baby


This is for the lover in you
this ring means I'll always be true
this is how we'll start love anew
this time it's gonna last forever

I will love you all the way baby, girl that means
this love will never end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I will take you anywhere baby just say when
and girl I'll take you there
I'm gonna take you baby, baby, baby, baby
We're going from Tahiti to France
to Italy in one night
drop top Bentley Coupe parked in the spotlight
and you can drive it laced in all white
I'm wearing triple black
our gear is top flight
trips to Venice
the man of steel when I'm in this
a mach made in heaven
when we blend this
lovers everlasting
in other words endless
hey yo face
what's up on the real
was the honey lookin laced


ladies and gentlemen Howard Hewett
(bridge Hewett)
see I never met a girl no, no
who satisfied my mental and physical thing
when I lay down to sleep and I rest assured
with the thought that you are right
right next to me


you know what I'm saying baby
word is bond
I'm fellin it
no doubt about it you know what I mean
uh lookin hot girl
yeah I'm feelin you boo
you know what I'm sayin I swear
theres a lot of things I wat to do to you
but first ya gotta take tis ring
drop it

So much love between us
I'll be the one to come running

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