Babyface - True Lovers

Текст песни Babyface - True Lovers

Written by babyface, l.a. reid, daryl simmons (1991)
Performed by jermaine jackson

You know girl, all my life
I've been looking for someone like you
And you know true love
Is so hard to find
Since we've been together
True love is forever
So let's be lovers for life

We were meant for each other ain't no doubt in my mind
We were put here together that's the way love's designed
So that we could be happy it's up to us to decide
This uncredible feeling could be passing us by
What's the point in giving up when, when we're doing fine
We don't need to be lonely when our love is so right
I wanna be true

True lovers who care for each other (let's be two)
Two lovers, lovers for life (i wanna be true)
True lovers who cherish each other, lovers forever, true lovers
For life

I know what makes you happy, i know what makes you cry
I know how to excite you make it last thru the night
All that we been through it's been me and you
You stood right by my side

Don't you think that it would be crazy if we just let it all die
What's the point in giving up when we're doing fine
We don't need to be lonely when our love is so right
I wanna be true


Didn't it seem like things were just right
Didn't we have it all
Tell me girl what went wrong, why couldn't we hold on
Didn't feel right, didn't seem like, didn't we have a ball
What is the point in love, if we're giving up
Can't we just be strong, why can't we be true


Now we're true lovers for life
True lovers for life
Yes we're true lovers for life

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