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Sorry, I'm A Lady
Альбом: Baccara

Ooh here comes that man again
Something in the way he moves
makes me sorry, I'm a lady

Hello stranger, you're a danger
To the law and order here
They don't like men like you in our city
You're too pretty, cool and witty
You are real bad company
I should have stayed away from today


Sorry, I'm a lady, sorry, I'm a lady
I would rather be, rather be
Just a little shady, just a little shady

Naughty dynamite, dynamite
Sorry, I'm a lady, sorry, I'm a lady
Have you got a light, got a light
For me tonight

I need power, I need passion
Give me more than sympathy
I've got a lot to learn before tomorrow
Like a flower, wants a shower
I want you to make me bloom
Those gentlemen in grey can hear me say

Chorus Repeat

You are a winner, I am a sinner
No excuse, no alibi
Temptation's won the game and you are to blame

Chorus Repeat To Fade

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