Backdraft Effect - *Untitled* v2.0

Текст песни Backdraft Effect - *Untitled* v2.0

The anger inside
Seen through my eyes
Depression and hate get the best of me
Locked in chains I can never be free
I'm not as good as you
I know somethin' too
I can barely stand everday
Not that you care anyway
Its hard to hold pieces together
Clasping anger and fear forever
I dont wanna see any more lies
Just take a knife and tear out my eyes

This awful LIFE isn't TRUE
(And...this pain)
I won't STRIFE for YOU
(Over...the game)

Some people in this world
They give pain to the lord
Some times its the only way
To make it through night and day
I long to be the very best
Then maybe these thoughts will finally rest

I'm so defenseless
It all seems so senseless
To keep going and continue on
Fighting just to get to Zion
But then I see my light
I must continue the fight

This awesome LIFE is TRUE
(Why lie?...this pain)
I will STRIFE for YOU
(My life...the game)

Now I finally see
You've set me free
No more tears
Out go my fears
If you take faith in Mankind
I guarantee you'll love all you find
Make it farther than you
I look to the stars
They've hiden my scars
Walking here with you

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