Backside - Disconnected Misdirected

Текст песни Backside - Disconnected Misdirected

do you believe in true freedom its spoken as if it were a dream within the wall of this kingdom who of us are really free run for cover why even bother when theres no escape from the power that is nothing other than our mistake find your place in line and everything will remain alright rebellion doesn't mean a thing sweating blood for the machine are we robots or human beings blood or battery packs plugged into a T
V screen life's easy when you don't think is this for real or just a dream running foward falling back ending in the same place how long do you think we'll last here moving at this space going nowhere and going faster thsn ever before the more that is taken from us the less we ask what for search for shelter but there's no help here no one gets away imagination and creation are meaningless today find your place in line and everything will remain alright so believe what your told give into the control follow as you grow old and forget all that you know disconnected misdirected how long until we're all infected disconnected misdirected don't look now but you've been selected

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