Backstreet Boys - Betcha by Golly Wow!

Текст песни Backstreet Boys - Betcha by Golly Wow!

There's a spark of magic in your eyes
Candyland appears each time yosmile
Never thought that fairy tales came true
But they come true when I 'm near you
You're a genie in disguise
Full of wonder and surprise, and

Betcha by golly, wow
You're the one that I 've been waiting for forever
And ever will my Love for you
Keep growing strong
Keep growing strong

If I could, I'd catch a falling star
To shine on you
So I'll know where you are
Paint a rainbow in your favorite shades
To show I love you

Thinking of you
Write your name across the sky
Anything you ask, I'll try, 'cause

Repeat chorus

Baby, sometimes, a man can't find words to express
All the things he feels inside
But every just so often
The words of another
Who's truly in love
Seem to work out fine
To say I love you (I love you)
They say I'm thinkin' of you

Repeat chorus

I love you baby

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