Backyard Babies - Bombed (out Of My Mind)

Текст песни Backyard Babies - Bombed (out Of My Mind)

I don't care what you say 'cause i'm born
to lose,and i don't give a damn if i'm a
fool for you.Uh,look out! All messed up
this time 'cause i've been walking round
with myself,I'm just a dead end cruiser
didn't mind to use it now it's happened to
me all over again

Somewhere deep inside there's a neon
sign tells me where to ride man when i'm
Bombed out of my mind

I was desperate for a place to put out my
cigarette i found love in the nick of time,

and that is something that i really don't
have but now i don't care if i live or die man

You wanna come with me
You wanna ride with me
You wanna blow this town 'cause
i ain't got time to show you

All my secrets are buried down here and i
will show them if you want me to,a white
night space rocket in sight it's so beautiful
with valleys and hights

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