Bad Company - Brokenhearted

Текст песни Bad Company - Brokenhearted

You've been living in a world of fiction, and you can't see who's wrong, no
You've been living in the past, it's a contradiction, and this can't carry on
When I get lonely, you will too
You better face the fact that no one'll come 'n' want you, baby

Welcome to the world of the brokenhearted, I welcome you
Welcome to the world of the brokenhearted, I welcome you
You've been heading down the road to nowhere, and you don't know the way
There used to be a time I'd be there, but now I've got no need to stay
So take a look around you, remember who you are
You know you had your chance, but now you've pushed me way too far (chorus)

I know you know what it feels like to have friends that tell you wrong
When you come running to me, you'll find that I can be so strong

You've been living in a dream, it's ending, so open up your eyes
And you've been living out a lie, pretending
Fooling yourself, and you don't know why
When you get lonely, when you get down
You better face the fact that I won't be around, baby


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