Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve

Struck A NerveBad Religion3:47

Текст песни Bad Religion - Struck A Nerve

there's an old man on a city bus
holding a candy cane
and it is'nt even christmas
he see's a note in the obituary
that his last friend has died
there's an inflant clinging
to his overweight mother in the cold
as the spends her last dollar
on a bottle of vodka for tonight
and i guess it
like i had to squint my eyes
you can never get out
of the line of sight
like a barren winter day
or a patch of unburned green
like a tragic real dream
i guess it
every day i wander
in negative disposition
as i'm bombarded by superlatives

that i am not alone
i look to tomorrow for salvation
but i'm thinking altruistcally
and a wave of overwhelming doubt
turns me to stone
and i guess it thought my heart
we just haven't got time
to crack the maze
like a magic speeding clock
or a cancer in our cells
a collision in the dark
i guess it strunk a nerve
i try to close my eyes
but i cannot ignore the stimuli
if theres a purpose for us all
it remains a secret to me
don't ask me to justify my life

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