Badly Drawn Boy - Another Pearl

Текст песни Badly Drawn Boy - Another Pearl

Why are you trembling so much,
I don't think I ever felt so good.
When all I need is to be free,
Where I love you and you love me.
Follow the circle sur le plage,
On a mono-coloured trip voyage.
This is the colour of my word,
Stay watch me find another pearl.

Follow the gold leaf trail back where,
We were young and didn't have a care.
Tracing the circles that we made,
I don't wanna live life in a shade.
Will this be a desert or a beach,
Or a place to find the things we need.

Now you and I make up perfect things,
Watch me trade my wheels for wings.
But don't ever use those wings to fly
Just the essence of a lullaby

Now I am a giant grain of sand
But I may be slipping thru your hand
Follow my colour coded world
And watch me find another pearl

It's a sound that I love
And it came from above
These the sound of the sea
Are you following me

Let's walk to the sound of distant shells
To a place where life would have no end
You'd be the mother of my pearls
If you follow me into my world
Back to a place where I'd be free
Where I'd love you and you'd love me
This is the colour of my world
Go watch me find another pearl

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