Bal-Sagoth - Callisto Rising

Callisto RisingBal-Sagoth4:34

Текст песни Bal-Sagoth - Callisto Rising

Zuranthus: Earthbound, a star falls to my tongue.

Come to me, Hyperion's child... come to me, spawn of Titan.

Condemned Souls of the Brotherhood of Dark Elucidation:

Callisto rising! Glory ascendant!

Hearken Zuranthus, kin of Klatrymadon...

your brethren are free once more!

The rogue godling, your brother Zurra,

has cast his virulent majesty upon the cosmos once again!

Begot of the thunder... Spellbinder!

Zurra: Break the sidereal seal, brother!

Open the astral portal! Give me the Lexicon...

give me that which is rightfully mine!

Destroy the guardian-light... Kill!

Zuranthus: Earthfall... the firmament weeps for this fallen star.

The cosmic ebb and flow... Behold my splendour, progeny of Titan!

Condemned Souls of the Brotherhood of Dark Elucidation:

Callisto rising! Goddess ascendant!

Hearken Zuranthus, kin of Klatrymadon...

on a whim you may devour the luminous sentinel

which binds this crystalline fragment of the Lexicon to bleak Callisto...

Empower your renegade sibling...

free our souls! Bestriding the tundra... Mistweaver!

Zurra: Unfetter yourself, brother Zuranthus...

bestow upon me the shard which I seek...

give me my godhead, or I shall condemn your flaccid essence

to a dimension of unparalleled pain! Kill!

Zuranthus: Do not seek to threaten me, wormcast.

My tenure here is preordained...

and I will suffer your arrogance no longer, little brother.

The power of the Lexicon is not destined

to be possessed by one such as you. Be gone!

Klatrymadon: How bewitching... so poignant in the shadow of death.

Where did you send the renegade whelp?

Zuranthus: Far beyond. In this dimension, velocity itself is no longer limited

by the speed of light.

Condemned Souls of the Brotherhood of Dark Elucidation:

Bipolar nebula! A falling star! The gate yawns wide above eon-veiled Mu...

Zurra: V'aan-ayth'ultaa, No'maal-pha'guus....

Damn you, Zuranthus... You will pay dearly for this outrage,

I swear it by the blackened maw of the sacred Z'xulth!

Zuranthus: Stray not into my darksome embrace,

lest I grind my jaws on your soul.

Condemned Souls of the Brotherhood of Dark Elucidation:

Spare us your wrath, great one, we beg thee.

Begot of the thunder... spellbinder. Callisto Rising!

Zuranthus: Behold my godhood... and pray!

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