Bald Vulture - Story Of Evolution

Текст песни Bald Vulture - Story Of Evolution

Back in the time when we were in the right way
When natural instinct and natural laws were there
War, cash, technology is unknown to all
Peace, love and respect rules on this world

But one day in time a crual race was born
Like you me and us, the disgracefull society
Society of shame, race of dishonor
Call that as you want

Disorder, disaster, pollution, instinction
Shame war and cash, no futur to be like that
Construction for you? Destruction for me
Two words to define race: asshole

Goddamnit you play dirty
It's not a game you play with

Our life or those of things in a voice of instinction
When will this shit be over?
When will your race die?
But one day in time you will pay by your life

By mistake you destroy
To build you destroy our world
What's this kind of future
You call that evolution; in my ass, my ass!

But now the time has come for all
Of those in our race to save the world
With a big revolution

Wrote these rhymes for all of those who want to realize
Wave of extinction by their fucking technology power
And abuse are the things they like to use

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