Bald Vulture - T.r.s

Текст песни Bald Vulture - T.r.s

Yeah....I'm talking to all of those who don't know what isliberty
To all the kids who live with violence
Educated by T.V
To this girl who lives with incest, she wants to die
Since she's nine years old, now she's firteen, and pretends
That she's gonna loose control

To the guy on the rooftop, who wants to dive
Cause his wife was unfaithfull for the second time
For the man who'd losted his family cause a drunk driver crashed his car
For all the humans who're affraid cause their country are in war

I wrote this song to show you real society,
To show you what is happening to this strong humanity

Strong humanity, that's the word that I use 'cause
You don't wanna see all the abuse
And other crimes that I see and the drugs that they use
All the kids on P.C.P, and all the friends that I've losted
Overdose or suicide, I don't know but they died
I think it's too much for me, that's .The. Real. Society.

I can't beleive that the human do that. All this shit is
Caused by us, and we don't realize. We don't do anything
To stop violence and war
Yeah..We don't do anything, we just close our eyes
close the doors.Yeah.. We don't do anything
I think it's too much for me. We don't do anything at all, that's .The. Real. Society.

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