Ballydowse - Jan. 19, 1943

Текст песни Ballydowse - Jan. 19, 1943

Five fathoms down submission lies
Its bones of coral made
Too often Torquemadas lead
The brightest to the grave
The ideas of Christ are actions
Take courage heart of mine
And cease to idle fancy
Step across the line

The enemy hearkens – a beast in the darkness
The mauser it wakes in my hand
I imagine a day when resignation is violence
And know I would feel the command
In Vilna beat plowshares to swords
In the face of their pain pacifism unglues
S’vet a poyk tuntrot: Meer ze-nen do

The enemy hearkens a beast in the darkness

It measures and qualifies me
How deep can it drink the blood of the people?
Before my vows are released
With each day of fumbling, does action learn something?
When will Love find its opposable thumb?
Will it reach as it prays or preach while it stays
And bask in noblest pledges undone?

The enemy turns – his humanity burns me
To avoid the fist we will try.
Despise the crusader – regect the invader
But when must the ghetto arise?
Song of my fathers a voice in the darkness
The mauser it drops from my hand
I dream of a day when the violent are emptied
And peace is the only command.

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