Bambix - Cocksucker

Текст песни Bambix - Cocksucker

Take time, move on
forget your moods
you're coming down when the sun don't shine
in the dark where i can't move

hey you look kinda sad
as if you only wanna stay in bed
hey you, you're the one
hey you, guess you're wrong
wanna hear that different same old song
and i feel your fire

Yeah Yeah, cocksucker

In that town i will remain
and i still don't know
if you ever feel your shame
deep down below
I'm running over to the tracks
as if i'd leave....
you'll always be the one
i can't picture you no more

Fighting doesn't get get me out
looking up to the clouds
that feeling doesn't help me there
cause you go outside and you just don't care

there's freedom in the sand
as if i'd ever run on your command
there's freedom if i leave
tomorrow i can breathe
the path is running right in front of me
and i feel your fire

C.O.C.K. you suck
in daydream town
you're running over, change the clocks
and put back time
I can never ever get out
i'll stay right here
staring at an empty road
cause no-one'll find me here.

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