Bandaid - Insult to Injury

Текст песни Bandaid - Insult to Injury

Took me a long time to figure out this mess
My mind is so messed up , I forgothow to get dressed
While i wait confused and lonely
Shakey fingers gnarled and boney.
Will I find my way home?
Or end up alone.

Said a few words
They just came out as non-sense blurbs
But thats ok..
Because it was just a Insult to Injury

Cant shut my mouth
Just wanna shout
I have many of my own opinions
And I..get called a disgrace
And I..end up with a fist in my face.

Love- another subject i hate
People need to learn and appreciate the years..we grow and learn
that love just sucks.

Our hearts have ran out of luck
I hear you screaming
In your hopeless words your dreaming
But thats ok..
Because its just a Insult to Injury.


The crippled,the blind, all fall in line
And we feel helpless all the time
Hear my meaning, can't you here me reaming this out?
But thats ok...because its just an Insult to Injury

Yeah just an insult to injury...
We plead..we want..we taunt..
We Insult..which leads to an Injury

(CHORUS) got insulted bitch.

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