Bandaid - Warped and Twisted

Текст песни Bandaid - Warped and Twisted

Harsh words & violent blows
Hidden secrets nobody knows
Kind thoughts are a vivid memory
But im still here living inmisery.
Eyes are open, hands are fisted
Deep inside I'm warped & twisted.

So many tricks & so many lies
Too many whens & too many whys
Nobody's special, nobody's gifted
I'm just me, warped & twisted

Sleeping awake & choking on a dream
Listening loudly to a silent scream
I stood up when i was lieing down
All my facial expressions return to a frown
Call my mind, the number's unlisted
Lost in someone so warped & twisted


On my knees, alive but dead
Look at the invisible blood I've bled
Watch the quiet tears that i shed.
I wish these meanincing thoughts got outta my head...
I'm not gone, my mind has drifted
Don't expect much, I'm warped & twisted


Burnt out, wasted, empty, & hollow
Today's just yesterday's tomorrow
I wish i could show you the how many days i've cried
But something took your life and you have died.
The sun died out, the ashes sifted
I'm still here, warped & twisted


*artist note
This song was made by Chris Miller (R.I.P 1985-2002) and Amanda Davidson. Dedicated to Chris. For Chris. Sleep well Chris.

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