Bane - Sunflowers And Sunsets

Текст песни Bane - Sunflowers And Sunsets

i raise this broken halo to the sky
this is the storm that strands me here
stopped waiting for a golden ship to rescue me
this is the only age that i know how to be
still make pretend that i'm in the movie of my life
stopped looking for a key that opens all the doors
these broken fingers keep me from holding on too tight
i turned and looked away from the angels face
still stomp through the puddles - the world spins beneath my feet
stopped waiting for a golden ship to rescue me
never wanted to know just what will happen next
i wonder how you can stand knowing what
each new day will bring
i think about art and i think about madness
are truly joined at the hip?
Was it Van Gogh who was crazy or the world that was crazy?

If i could touch the face of the gods i'd trade my ear
I ran all the way home
To read the words carved in cement by my house
(it says)live the life that you love - love the life that you live
but i'd rather have a penny for every time it told me NO
i shoot these flaming arrows at the flag
and say deny, deny, deny if that's what gets you through
like that night that we ran through the Audi dealership
smashing windshields
an absolutely pointless and immature act
but it quieted our minds
at a time when everyone and everything (the setting sun) was asking:
why are we here?
but i'm pretty sure now that i will never know

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