Baphomet - Infection Of Death

Infection Of DeathBaphomet3:23

Текст песни Baphomet - Infection Of Death

There comes a time in everyones
life where they dwell in death
for some of escape the grip is what they seek
for others, it's what they seek

Deep in my mind and flowing through me
is a plague that some can't see
to blame it on your musik is quite absurd
when it's brought on by your society

Infection spreading through my mind
turning my brain to pus
confusion comes so easily
infection of death I can't deny

To kill myself would it solve anything
to foght this infection is it worth it to me
the confusion I face everyday may be
beyond comprehention because of the life you lead

Condemn us and say it's help
torment for our good
cut our freedoms down
protest with what you differ

Challanged against everything in which we beleave
trapped in your society which tries to deceive
with an infection of death spreading through me
but one day our power will rise above thee

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