Bargain Music - Cain

Текст песни Bargain Music - Cain

jah knows I'm a killer
jah knows
jah knows I'm a killer
jah knows

jah knows, jah knows
jah knows, jah knows
jah knows...

arrived at 7:30 in the middle of Marysville
I'm not quite too sure about the way i feel
got 10 hits of acid for a twenty dollar bill
said i got Sean Whisner here
so believe this things for real

Mark Husted and me
With Matt McGraw made 3
went out to Joshua tree with a sack of Long Beach Hot Wings
when we got there they were cold
not as good when they are old
but my homeboy still was sold 'cause I had on my favorite LP
my De La Soul LP
(i got my ziggens, i got horace swaby)
my Lady Saw LP

Cain and Abel at the bargain music table
Abel said to Cain a reggae band, whats your label?
don't forget the hiphop band with a country sound
lots of folk music and funk rock all around
oh jah, Bargain Music, sweet Jah
oh oh no, bidiba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Bargain

(Sim simmer pass the keys to my beemer
who am I? The girls dem sugar
How can I make love to a fella in a rush
pass me the keys to my truck)

Last week, Sean Whisner quit the band
now we're back together again
a misunderstanding
I didn't understand
now we're back together again
couldn't split up kato and nash
couldn't split up Tango and Cash
this is our song of exhaltant joy because
what we gonna to with all our cash
smoke grass

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