Beck - Hard to Compete (version 2)

Текст песни Beck - Hard to Compete (version 2)

You said go
You said stay
Got so confused
I tried to do both
So I broke out in a sweat
Cashed my check
And I spent it to death
And it's hard to compete
And it's hard to eat
When you're beating your teeth on the ground
And it's rude
Did you ever even think about the impression
That you gave to the pigs
To the kids
With the hazardous waste in their wine
And their eyes
And their gasoline hormones
Accessories accessorising
You said go
You said stay
You said try a combination
But I din't even know where to start
I was lost
I was beige
I was over and under my age

Like a video
Like a chick
Like a dead man moving too quick
In my way
Had no plan
Passin' out flyers for some punk rock band
From San Diego
A freak show
It's purposely out of control
Soakin' it like a sponge
She's tidying up the grunge
The expectations were pulsing so pure
Over-rated bleakness
So hard, so easy to endure
'Cause it's plain and it's real
Back to the future
Make a new deal
With the distortion soundin' fake
And the rest of the best was a big mistake
So let's cruise
Let's freak
'Cause it's payday everyday of the week
(Go, baby, go, baby, go)
(Go, baby, go, baby, go)

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