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Текст песни Beck - Modesto

You came, you went

My mind it got a dent

I couldnt make my rent

cause all my cash was lent

This town is filled

With thousand-dollar-bills

Laminated songs

Contaminated lawns

Well we eat about fifteen times a day

Starin through a bag of frito-lay

And I play with the fire in the stove

When my eyes peel out and my fingertips get cold

Well its real and its fake

And its flamin like a steak

And shes puttin out my face with the rake

Oh honey you knew

That you were my one and only blur

Unglued, depressed

The meatloaf in my chest

Personality test

I failed with the best

And I stomped and I stormed

And I passed out in your dorm

Then you hustled me outside

I couldnt catch a ride

But the subway trains speak to me now

Im browsing through the supermarket town

And the girls dont talk when Im around

And Im feelin bad even though nothings wrong

Chokin on a breathmint

Thats cool

Yeah, thats cool

(........stuck out here in the sand, they shot my mule and burned my wagon--

Ran out of sourdough 2 days ago; aint got no more lard. God bless you folks...)

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