Beck - nitemare hippy girl

nitemare hippy girlBeck2:55

Текст песни Beck - nitemare hippy girl

she took me off my guard with disappointment
I got sucked inside of her apartment
she's got dried-up flowers, flaky skin
a beaded necklace and a bottle of gin
she's a nightmare hippy girl
with her skinny fingers fondlin' my world
she's a whimsical, tragical beauty
self-conscious and a little bit moody
it's a new age let-down in my face
she's so spaced out and there ain't no space
she's got marijuana on the bathroom tile
I'm caught in a vortex, she's changin' my style
she's a nightmare hippy girl
with her skinny fingers fondlin' my world
she's a whimsical, tragical beauty
uptight and a little bit snooty
... oh, oh, oh ...
she's a magical, sparklin' tease

she's a rainbow chokin'' the breeze
yo, she's bustin' out onto the scene
with nightmare bogus poetry
she's a melted avocado on the shelf
she's the science of herself
she's spazzing out on a cosmic level
and she's meditating with the devil
she's cooking salad for breakfast
she's got tofu the size of Texas
she's a witness to her own glory
she's a never-ending story
she's a frolicking depression
she's a self-inflicted obsession
she's got a thousand lonely husbands
she's playin' footsie in another dimension
she's a goddess milking her time for all that it's worth

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