Beck - The Little Drum Machine Boy

Текст песни Beck - The Little Drum Machine Boy

(distorted repeated background theme: "barukh atah adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam")


Thats the holiday...

Thats the hanukkah robot funk

(ba-rum-pa-pum-pum uh.)

Right about now...

Gonna drop some hanukkah science

Yeah, hmm, uh--this is it...

I press a button make the gentleman cry

I rock a beat to make the hamburger fry

I funk this joint and check out holiday gear

The system booming strictly pioneer

Under the rear

Bringing a tear

I turn it out in a holiday mode

Safe like a seatbelt in a volvo

Keeping it real like a spray-snow tree

Well shut it down harmoniously

Rockin softly

808 beats

(rap) I get this shit lit like a menorah

Funk so illegal I think I might need a lawyer

Not a firestarter but my beats get hotter

Even amount like an allowance (? ? )

Footwear riot (? ? ) new balance

Hanukkah pimp on a check

Like a micro rock(? ? ) gettin in a sweat (? ? )

Neals mackin track

Ejaculatin on buffet tables and record labels

Willin and able

Bring my funk in place of each beat (? ? ? )

Lifestyles of the slick and sleazy

Spin around and around like a dreidel

Kind of science that puts you back in the cradle

Shit, sometimes this tracks so poignant

Somebody please pass me some kind of ointment

Put these rhymes together like a thief

Clear up your nose like a eucalyptus leaf

Dropping science, you dont even know what hits you

Next thing you know youre 13 and get a bar mitzvah

(background: "his eminence is gay.")

I get down, I get down, I get down all the way

Yeah yeah yeah yeah ooohhhhhh

I get down, I get down, I get down all the way, etc.

Hanukkah pimp [x20]


(assorted noises, "menorah, menorah, menorah.......and my book (? ? )")

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