Bee Gees - Experience

Текст песни Bee Gees - Experience

See me loving you

A fool without a lover

How can that possibly be

Maybe you can show me why

I shiver when youre closer

I remember your touch without it

Let me drown in your ecstasy

Its got to be do or die

Dont tell me love is just one night

I know its not true

There should be someone there to catch you

When the rain falls

And you can turn away my heaven

And maybe I was wrong

I depended on the inner voice of

Experience , or just imagination

Whatever you believe in , you can lose

And one way or the other , we can find

Another world we can run away to

Im living for the

Experience , is only what you make it

You live forever but you never know

That somebody loves you

And when the sky is open

Fly away lovers can share

Ill be there

And you can make the earth move

You can take me with no struggle

Lead me through your mystical dreams

Show me what you are

And we can make the wind blow

Youre the power and Im in it

You can be the fire I start

I want your heart

And let there be a story when the stories are told

I need to hear you say you love me when the night falls

We may never go to heaven but one thing that is sure

You can not ignore

Ill make it more than

Experience is not imagination

You get what you believe in if you choose

And one way or the other

We can find another world we can run away to

And I love you

Experience is only what you make it

You come together when you let yourself go

And somebody loves me

I couldnt get no higher

Fly away lovers can share

And well be there

(repeat last verse and fade)

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