Bee Gees - Fight

Текст песни Bee Gees - Fight

No matter how long it takes

No mater how long

No matter how long it takes

Well never be alone

Dont wanna make a wrong headline

No matter how strong

Theyll be watching every move you make

Dont let em know they can beat you

Fortune favor the brave

Learn how to use that muscle

Take a little chance will get you

Everything you see

Living at the speed of light

Gotta make your heart beat faster

You gotta climb inside

Set that spirit free

Fight the good fight

Fingers to the bone

Gotta take a stand

And save this land of liberty

Stumble on the ground that shakes you

Push it to the point that breaks you

Little bit of fire it gives you

Soul of a winner

Help you bring them to their knees

In the face of the foe

Never let em drag you under

Dont you wanna leave behind ya

A legacy

Catch another streak of lightning

By the God of fire and thunder

Battle in the name of the nation

Making history

Fight the good fight

Fingers to the bone

Gotta take a stand

And save this land of liberty

And brother when youre down to zero

Everybody needs that hero

Gotta be a star to follow

All the way there

And all the way home

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