Ben Folds Five - emaline

Текст песни Ben Folds Five - emaline

I wish it was last september

When we could lose ourselves in crowds every day

cause emaline dont walk in time

Shes not the same, thats all you can say


When Ive heard enough,

I tell myself

That weve learned our lesson but i

Dont wanna walk away from emaline

[on demo:shhhh!]

Tehyre talking now

Does she know what theyre saying?

Shes got the air

To float above and

Im sinking into

Someone should pay

Shes dear to me and so expensive

Im not talking bout money

When money talks I hate to listen

But lately its been screaming in my ear


It only took me one look

To understand emaline

Sometimes I dont know what shes saying

Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont

Know what shes saying

But I know I know

I know what she wants to believe

I wish it was last september

Dont let me walk away from emaline

For stupid reasons

Now Im talking bout money

When money talks I hate to listen

But lately its been screaming in my ear

Oh what advice --

Girls need attention

Well are you different than all mine?

For what its worth,

Shes got attention

From people like you

Who see black and white

Now Ive heard enough

Ill tell you what

Really shouldnt sit here and whine

Ill take you down to see my emaline

I wish it was. . .

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