Ben Folds Five - The Secret Life of Morgan Davis

Текст песни Ben Folds Five - The Secret Life of Morgan Davis

Ben: uh - okay, were going to do a new song then...its about a man

Named..uh..morgan davis...morgan...morgan left the house to get some cream

Of wheat and came back with a little bit more.


All right - this features joe delorenza

His wife is tired, she wants to sleep

But allnight morgan davis wants his cream of wheat

He waits and then she turns out the lights

He tip-toes to the doorway

As he slips to the night.

His boring life and he leads it by selling stocks

Makes him feel hes growing old and tired

Theres no joy in strife just by passing time

On this boring life.

He wants the lights, the cash, a piece of ass

A toothless bitch to blow him for a vile of crack

He chokes his chunk in some gatorade

And scores a bag of chronic on the eastern of a.

His secret life and he leads it by selling drugs he set up that night

Hes selling hash to the trailer trash

His sisters ass

The boring life

" my friends are all salesman

My wife is a slut

There must be something bigger I can stick in my butt

The irs is auditing, my life is in a wreck "

And so hes fired his heat

Hes blown his blow

Its coming up on sunrise and its time to go

He smells like barf

" my head is a mess "

He wipes the coke and lipstick off his fat, hairy, chest

He doubles home from a rising show

He wont be at work in an hour or so

He crawls in bed with his sleeping wife

Just a night to break up his boring lifex

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