Benefit - Proceed With Caution

Текст песни Benefit - Proceed With Caution

At all costs, (at all costs), at all costs, (at all costs)
It's vicious......Inhuman

(Verse 1)
Professional, uppen the decibel a decimal above
Extraterrestrial audible vessels
For blood audible missiles and vocal dismissals
Like pistols tearing through MC's skeletal gristles
Beneficial, Ripping in the kids brain tissues
Leaving them a bit retarded with personal issues
Personal miss-use, of my tracks is tested deadly
Infested steady when my tracks are pressed and ready
To floods the brain like cocaine ingested heavy
And less than every, bit of protection when testing benny
I've battled plenty, and everyone is rattle empty
Without a skeleton to hold 'em up they had to temp me
And then correctly, spitting at me like a Jetski
Go ahead and press me, bones crunch like nestle
Arrest me, Sentence me and lock me away
So the streets can be safe for emcee's to play
By the way, when i spit don't get hit by a stray
Cause every random word i say can shatter your vertebrae
Every verb I spray is a mist called Herb-away
Word play, that will keep emcee's on the curb all
In a verbal way, I get violent and kill quick
To define me kids make up words like Ill-Sick
Whose a relic, wack emcee's heads are real thick
So the target is big, my metaphors will stick

Unnecessary emotion
So logical [5x]
Proceed with caution
Unnecessary emotion
So unemotional [5x]
Proceed with caution

It will be painful
So logical [5x]
Proceed with caution
It will be painful
So unemotional [5x]
Proceed with caution

(Verse 2)
Behold Benefit, the old and degenerate
are healed by the power of his subject and predicate
The Pro-ject deliver it, whole of the rhetoric
Emcee's will fall like the soul of confederates
To all who consider it apologies follow these
Battle anthologies, emcee's say please
And possibly I'll display generosity
And watch thee velocity, when I'm spitting this atrocity
But probably not, and the robberies hot
When kids steal my rhymes and ignite on spot
If you bite on top, from being wack and dropped
Call it I Bit Benefit and Made Pop
And you get a hit, but being illiterate
Ignorant, and coming out ill legitament
My wrath will reach havoc on your family
Gradually, everyone will die through a homicidal tragedy
Bone and vital legacy, prophecy place me
President of emcee's genocide agency
Feeling me is like feeling a flame in hell
Casting a demon spell, so emcee's a dreaming well
And thinking they're real, knocked out on night Nightquil
In a dream land where they sick and real type ill
But lovely dreams soon come to a night mare
When they battle Benefit and they die right there

But it will try

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