Beverley Knight - Gold

Текст песни Beverley Knight - Gold

Some people never recognise it

Though its right before their eyes

And shines in all its glory

They never ever see

They choose something that looks just like it

And it may glitter all the time

But gold it will never be

I guess you never held on to quality

Or you woulda recognised by now

Something so special so true

When its standing right in front of you

Im gold babe

Catch me in the slipstream

Passing by the fools who just dont know

Pure gold babe

Youre looking at the real thing

If you knew my worth you wouldnt let go [x2]

Oh no!

Gold lies in rivers undiscovered

Hidden from the sight of those

Who dont know what to look for

(they aint never gonna find it)

Sometimes the value is uncovered

Other times its cast aside

By those who are just unsure

I guess you never held on to quality

Or you would of recognised by now

Something so special so true

When shes standing right in front of you


All the things you failed to see

Separated you from me

I decide who wins my time

And who comes inside yeah

Cause what is true and what is real

Finds a way of being revealed

I dont have to even try

Cause Im certified-pure-

[chorus (x2)]

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