Big D And The Kids Table - I'd Rather

I'd RatherBig D And The Kids Table2:45

Текст песни Big D And The Kids Table - I'd Rather

the feelings trapped, wrapped in all you might have said i want to take it back, hide it in out it read a circled voice is something that i cannot stop why have a friend just to cut him down alone on top, never fought, never mean, you never turned away, you never had to see, how can i hear your screams when you're drowning in this silent place, how can i hear your screams when i'm drowning in the same waste, i wipe this window to see the fog it blocks my sight like when i want to believe but can't see all that's right, a circled voice said, nothing, must have spread the word the word where small groups talk,

their hearts like rocks, it's all absurd, a chance for change blind by fame it's all the same a chance to let it go and what i think i know, progress isn't stepping forward progress isn't judged by wealth too far to change us all but not too far to save yourself, {no, i think i'd rather go home solitude i want to be all alone} but anyway i'm gonna to wake up do my daily act stick to what i like hold on to what i hold real tight anyway it's not going to matter in the long run yet long enough to frame the picture you show everyone, i don't know what to say, don't know what to do, the only thing i know is that i can't get through to you, well time is on my side, these things that pass me by, i never even noticed, never thought, wondered why

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