Billie Myers - Sleeping Beauty

Текст песни Billie Myers - Sleeping Beauty

Verse i:

He waited,

He counted

The days

To see your mothers eyes in you

A smile he knew

Every day was a year to him

He felt so helpless

He felt you kicking

Did you hear his voice,

Go gentle,

So calming.

He placed his hand

Where he thought you would be

He called you sleeping beauty


Behind the child,

A fathers pride

Ive never seen a grown man cry

(he said) Ive never felt this way before.

Sleeping beauty,

Sleep no more,

Beauty sleep...

Verse ii:

Your first breath

Was your last breath

He heard it all before.

The silence of an unheard cry,

The day stood still,

His mouth went dry.

When nothing moved,

He felt so helpless.

"what have I done,

Do we really deserve this? "

He pressed his palms

And he begged forgivness.

Id give my life to save his.

Repeat chorus


You sleep beyond the reach of dreams,

In a room that has no doors,

So if I kissed you now,

Would I be your prince charming,

Or just

An ordinary

Man who tried to kiss your back?

Back to life

(dont) turn your back, no,

(dont) turn your back, no,

(dont) turn your back, no, you now

(dont turn around).

Turn around,

If your lost, Ill find you.

Turn around,

Im still here beside you

You know my name when you see my face,

Our memories might crowd when Im holding your face.

Repeat chorus

Behind the child

A mothers cries.

Her tears are never ever dry

She said "ive never felt this way before"

Sleeping beauty

Sleep no more

Beatuy sleep no more...

On the stone house remains

"i love you and your name"

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