Bis - Detour

Текст песни Bis - Detour

The future is clear

Lets get into gear

Im willing to ask

Do you wanna go my way?

Youre out on your own

Youre never alone

Theres people around

But do you wanna go my way?

They threw me out of town, said Im a hooligan

They never want to see my ugly face again

Im looking for a ride, I need to get someplace

Im feeling disillusioned with the human race

Heat on the skyline, have you got the time?

Ill sit here by the road for yet another day

But whatever road youre taking, I will go that way

Theres trouble in town

They wanna see you go down

Lets make our escape

Do you wanna go my way?

Ill give you whats mine

Ill throw you a line

Just make up your mind

Do you wanna go my way?

What do you want me to say?

Just give me a little trust

And answer me

Do you wanna go my way?

I dont know where I am, but its a long way from home

I havent got a penny for the telephone

I dont know who my friend are, who my friends will be

But Im feeling like its happening for you and me

Youre my driver, Im your passenger

The night is looking friendlier than any day

Were racing into it, and I will go that way

The future is bright

Well drive by night

If anyone asks

Were busy making our own way

Well sleep in the shade

And watch what weve made

Theyll never catch on

So do you wanna go my way?

What do you want me say?

Just give me a little trust

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