Bjork - Lucky Night

Текст песни Bjork - Lucky Night

Ive tried a lot and most things excite me.

But what tops it all is doing two things at a time.

Life and death

Glass and water

Rock and roll

Wash and dirty

Christ and jesus

Time and hours

To drive a car and listen to music

To read a book and ride a train

Watch and maker

God and dog

Hammer and saw

Babies and nappies

Stop and hold

Moon and stars

To be enjoying combinations

Turns me on

Im into trying a lot and most things excite me.

But what tops it all is doing two things at a time.

Knife and fork

Tar and feathers

Window and pane

Country and western

Rhythm and blues

Yawn and sigh

This is a lucky night for me

A night when one plus one is three

And the ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

When the ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

To read a letter and fall in love

To not sleep and be not unhappy

To watch tv and cuddle

Creme de la creme

Is doing two things at a time

To do two things twice at once

Its so nice is there a point?

? ? ? ? ? not to happen

Time and logic finally

You must enter my 2 last trips

Can that be, or am I still thinking?

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