BlackMore s Night - Olde Village Lanterne

Текст песни BlackMore s Night - Olde Village Lanterne

Don't shed a tear for me
I stand alone
This path of destiny
Is all my own
Once in the hands of fate
There is no choice
An echo on the wind
You'll hear my voice...

Some choose to fall behind
Some choose to lead
Some choose a golden path
Laden with greed
But it's the noble heart
That makes you strong
And in that heart, I'm with you all along...

*The olde village lanterne
Is calling me onward
Leading wherever I roam

The olde village lanterne
A light in the dark
Bringing me closer to home...

So when you think of me
Do so with pride
Honor and bravery
Ruled by my side
And in your memory
I will remain
I will forever be within the flame...

Now at the journey's end
We've traveled far
And all we have to show
Are battle scars
But in the love we shared
We will transcend
And in that love, our journey never ends...

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